Ritual of Space (7 walls) public pavilion

This was a project to design a public pavilion, in an infill situation of a city of our choice.

The fabric of the infill consisted of pedestrian circulation on both sides of the site. However, the front side has the combination of pedestrian and vehicular circulation while the backside consisted of only pedestrian circulation.
This pavilion is a space to acquire information, study and to reflect on the city’s history. It also served as a bridge/link between the 2 pedestrian strips, with 3 programmatic spaces for example a place for aggregation of people that could serve as an event space or an exterior exhibition space for the city’s historical artefacts. The project was designed only in perspective and with the use of models. I also placed emphasis on the connections between the different wall types.
It was required that we design with 7 walls to create 3 spaces
wall of light
wall of boundary
wall of dermacation
wall of information
wall of energy
wall of occupation
wall of storage
place of aggregation of people
place of study
place of overlook
My approach was to design a sequence through the required spaces, while connecting the 2 pedestrian strips with a termination/end point being the place/space of aggregation of people (this space is located on the backside, which has the larger pedestrian circulation strip).
Visual and physical hints are given through the sequence. The place for overlook is located on both sides of the project, giving the possibility of overlooking the 2 sides plus different heights of view. The wall types were crucial elements in the design.

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