Porous Parasite (Parasitá Porosa) Groto

The inspiration for this project was drawn from the City of Milan, Italy where the idea of restoration is predominant.

In Milan and some other Italian cities alike, the idea of preservation is enforced, so therefore the creation of a new architecture that responds to these constraints was what i explored. The program was to design a laboratory for scientists. So i decided to design an living organism that will develop from a capsule into a device that can be inhabited by scientists. This organism is used as a device to analyse and collect samples or information from degenerating structures in the city of Milan for scientist and builders that intend on carry out restoration jobs on a degenerating structure. In other words, it acts as a parasite. The capsule is dropped into a building or wall or monument, then it develops, collects the required data, then grows to full scale in-order to accommodate the habitation of scientists. The scientists then collect the data and process the information required to preserve/restore the monument,building, structure or wall.

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