Jumeira Residence 5

Proposal for 5 town houses, designed for fresh graduates, on Jumeirah road, Dubai, UAE.

The developer has proposed four sites that are potential sites for the construction of 5 live/work housing units in the U.A.E. The sites are
located in Sharjah (2 sites) and Jumeirah side of Dubai (2 sites). The developer also noted that he intends to have young/fresh graduates as potential clients after the completion of the project.
The end users as proposed by the developer are young graduates that have just started working. Three different client types have been proposed, single graduate, young couples, single graduate with possibility of expansion. The clients are just beginning their professional careers; therefore, the most efficient design is required to help save on costs. They will also require individual levels of privacy and noise levels as they will be working in their homes. The possible professions are unknown; therefore, a universal work space should be designed.
Design intent
At this point in the process, I only have premature ideas on the issues that are appropriate to consider. The end users are young workers that may consider working at home; therefore, it is important to design a universal work place within the home that will be integrated with the living component of the house. Issues such has, sustainable design will be considered to save energy and provide a comfortable leaving environment. 

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