Al Hasira(Urban Carpet)

AL HASIRA is inspired by the rise in the need to enjoy the comfort and ambience of Dubai’s sensational outdoor scenes.

AL Hasira is a multi-functional piece of furniture that can be customised to fit a variety of seating configurations and a multitude of colors, materials and texture. This sleek piece consists of two major components, a base material for support and a cushion material to make seating comfortable.

Depending on the client’s preference and the function of a space, the piece could be customized with a juxtaposition of Fiberglass or Corian (for base material) and leather, rubber or wool (for cushion material) which would be suitable for interior spaces. On the other hand, for outdoor environments, in order to have a more timeless design or material option, clients may prefer a combination of a fiberglass or concrete base with timber (red meranti or teak) seating.

Every Urban space is different, be it an interior space, sidewalk or a landscape, they all have their individual character. Al Hasira provides the client with the opportunity to personalize their benches, to make it unique to them and to their spaces.
work with Andstudio

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